"How the Universe is put to the test" – Andrei Golutvin, Imperial College London / CERN, Ulrik Egede, Imperial College London

With the current state of human knowledge we can pinpoint a position on Earth from satellites with a precision of a few centimetres, and we can control life by inserting genes into plants to achieve specific behaviour. Yet, the same level of human knowledge doesn’t offer anything when it comes to describing 96% of the energy content of the Universe. Or, indeed, when we need an answer to the question why there is matter to make stars and planets from in the Universe at all. This talk will set the scene for how experiments conducted at the Large Hadron Collider may be able to fill the voids in our knowledge. An overview of a specific analysis will be given, which will walk you through the data reduction steps, from the recording of the proton-proton collisions in the collider to the final scientific result. Special emphasis will be placed on how multivariate classifiers have allowed us to massively expand our scientific program, as well as achieve the current precision of our measurements.