How geomarketing and cloud-based location analysis can help retailers

Just a few years ago, a retailer couldn’t make a quick decision about opening an outlet at a new location. First the site and its surroundings had to be visited for a detailed analysis, which slowed down the whole process.

Now, there are geomarketing technologies that accelerate site evaluation. With their help, a retailer can analyse up to 100 sites a day on average. Data about nearby competition, the local population and likely turnover are all immediately at hand.

How can geographic information and geomarketing systems aid retailers? What are the current and desired speeds of site evaluation and turnover forecasting?

Denis Strukov and Anastasia Zamashnaya share their experiences working with major retailers and provide examples of companies that have succeeded in various market segments. Listeners will learn how to rapidly assess the location of future retail outlets when expanding within a city.