Yet another Conference on Marketing 2014

5 June 2014

Yandex’s conference on digital marketing technologies, analytics and data management in e-commerce will take place for the second time in Moscow on June 5, 2014.

This conference provides an excellent opportunity for both the industry’s leading experts and newcomers to present their ideas and innovations, meet new people, make connections, discover new business opportunities and learn from each other.

Yet another Conference on Marketing will open with a traditional "surprise" keynote from Yandex, and will host a number of talks by the leading experts in digital marketing and data mining in e-commerce.

The exhibition section of the conference will give all participating companies an opportunity to introduce their products and technologies to conference visitors at their stands. This conference is of interest to anyone involved in interactive internet marketing, or anyone wishing to find new applications for their mathematical or programming knowledge – marketers, analysts, web-shop developers or students in related fields. The working language of the conference is Russian, but some of the talks will be given in English.

Participation in the conference is free of charge, but requires registration. To register for Yet another Conference on Marketing, please write to before May 18, 2014.


10:00Keynote by Yandex
11:00 E-commerce Trends
Marvin Liao
500 Startups’s Recommendation Services: From Book Store to Megamarket
12:00Social Economics. How Friendship With Graphs Can Help Your Business
Ivan Yamshchikov
Yandex, University of Applied Sciences Zittau/Görlitz, Germany
13:30Getting Personal in Digital Marketing – Overcoming Complexity by Focusing on People
Anna Skaya
VisualDNA Russia
14:00Latest Technologies and Real Business: Is It All Really So Optimistic?
Alexei Ivanov
ISEE Marketing
14:30Internet Store Price Setting In the Age of Marketplaces
Roman Prokhorov
15:00Panel Discussion
Harry Parkes
Anna Skaya
VisualDNA Russia
Alexei Ivanov
ISEE Marketing
Roman Prokhorov
16:00Transactional Predictive Targeting in E-Commerce
Roman Nester
16:30Predictive Analytics in E-Commerce: Is There Life After Conversion?
Nikolai Khlebinsky
17:00The Secret Library. Studying 'Invisible' Consumption of Content
Andrei Klimenko
Zillion Data
17:30DNA of the Ideal Customer
Simon Proekt