Yet another Conference 2017

30 May 2017

Live recording


09:30Live stream: Special program
10:00Conference opening
10:10Keynote speech
11:05Discussion with Esther Dyson
Esther Dyson
The Way to Wellville
11:30Global Market Trends of Adtech & Martech: a VC's Perspective
Marvin Liao
500 Startups
12:00How to keep track of technology trends if you’re not a programmer
Olga Pavlova
Sobaka Pavlova (Pavlov’s Dog)
12:30Special program for live stream
13:30Tracking the future
14:00Virtual and augmented reality for business
Alexey Dovzhikov
One More World / CyberLit
14:30B2F — Business to Friends. When brands become friends
15:00How geomarketing and cloud-based location analysis can help retailers
Anastasia Zamashnaya
Center for Spatial Research
Denis Strukov
Center for Spatial Research
15:30Special program for live stream
16:00Quick Q&A
Vladimir Gritskov
SPbSU Department of Psychology
16:30Digital marketing in the offline economy
Roman Nester
17:00How artificial intelligence is transforming every industry
17:30Data-generated content

Yet another Conference is one of Russia’s major conferences on digital technologies. Run by Yandex since 2010, this year it offers an exciting program on current trends, recent breakthroughs and future developments in artificial intelligence, human-computer interaction, healthcare and marketing.

The guest speakers at this year’s event include one of the most influential figures in technology today, director of some of the world's most innovative companies, as well as non-executive director of Yandex, Esther Dyson, and prolific serial startup investor and former Yahoo! executive, Marvin Liao.The conference’s keynote program will also present new Yandex products based on machine learning. Other conference speakers are the leading specialists, managers, decision-makers and visionaries who change the everyday reality and look into the future at some of the most forward-thinking companies across the world.

The conference will take place at Congress Center Technopolis in Moscow on 30 May. The working languages of the conference are Russian and English. Participation is free, but requires registration. To secure an invitation, please register as soon as possible. We will do out best to accommodate all requests, but we cannot guarantee availability. If your request cannot be accommodated, or if you are unable to attend the conference, you can watch the event's live stream on this website. The live stream will be accessible without registration and will also feature additional interviews, reports and presentations not included in the conference program. Archived videos will also be available on this page for on-demand streaming after the event.