Yet another Conference 2014

30 October 2014

Yandex’s annual technology conference “Yet another Conference” will take place for the fifth time in Moscow on October 30, 2014.

Speakers from all over the world will talk about the latest trends in software development, system administration, internet security, research and technology. Each talk will traditionally be followed by audience discussion. Participants in the conference will also have an opportunity to take part in practical seminars and explore the conference's interactive exhibition space. This year's Yet another Conference will be of interest to frontend or backend developers, mobile platform developers, system administrators, as well as researchers in various aspects of information technology.

Join the conference

This conference is free and open to public. We are doing our best to make this event as useful and interesting as possible for everyone. If you don’t receive your invitation before September 25, you are welcome to apply for participation on this website by filling out and submitting this form before October 10. Applications for participation in the conference are processed using our own proprietary algorithms in addition to being reviewed by a selection committee.

The working language of the conference is Russian, but some of the talks will be given in English.

The detailed programme of the conference, as well as other information and live streaming will also be available on this website.