Park Inn Berlin, Alexanderplatz 7


ClickHouse Meetup Berlin

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Join the ClickHouse Meetup in Berlin

Come learn about ClickHouse, our open source high-performance column-oriented database management system at a meetup on October 5, 2017 at the Park Inn at Alexanderplatz 7 in Berlin.

ClickHouse can generate custom data reports in real time and process billions of rows and dozens of gigabytes of data per single server per second. It works up to a thousand times faster than traditional approaches. ClickHouse is linearly scalable, hardware-efficient, fault-tolerant, and can be deployed across multiple data centers. Among other features, ClickHouse offers a user-friendly SQL query dialect with a number of built-in analytics capabilities.

Join us at the meetup to learn why hundreds of companies across Europe, US, and China are adopting ClickHouse. Through interactive talks, attendees will learn about product features, how ClickHouse can benefit them, and how to use this system in practice.

Attending the ClickHouse meetup is free. Please register to join us.

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Park Inn Berlin, Alexanderplatz 7
5 October
Park Inn Berlin, Alexanderplatz 7

ClickHouse Meetup Berlin

Registration is closed

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