Combinatorial Pattern Matching

18 June 2014
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This year the jubilee 25th Annual Symposium on Combinatorial Pattern Matching is taking place in Yandex’s Moscow office. The premier international event in the field of algorithms on strings, it is organised by the Higher School of Economics and will run for three days.

The conference begins with open lectures by renowned scientists Alberto Apostolico, Maxime Crochemore and Gene Myers. The abstracts can be read on the conference website.

Conference registration has closed, but it is still possible to attend the open lectures after completing the registration form. The open lectures are free of charge and will be held on June 16, from 9 am to 12:20 pm.

Those who are unable to attend can still watch Yandex’s live online video streaming of the event. Videos of all lectures will be published.

Where: 16, Leo Tolstoy St., Moscow, Extropolis conference hall

When: June 16-18

Conference language: English


08:00Shortest Unique Substring Query RevisitedWatch
08:00Permuted Scaled MatchingWatch
08:00Hardness of Several String Indexing ProblemsWatch
08:00Most Recent Match Queries in On-Line Suffix TreesWatch
08:00Order-preserving Pattern Matching with k MismatchesWatch
08:00The Worst Case Complexity of Maximum ParsimonyWatch
08:00From Indexing Data Structures to de Bruijn GraphsWatch
08:00On the DCJ Median ProblemWatch
08:00Reversal Distances for Strings with Few Blocks or Small AlphabetsWatch
08:00Dictionary Matching with One GapWatch
08:00An Improved Query Time for Succinct Dynamic Dictionary MatchingWatch
08:00String Range MatchingWatch
08:00Computing Minimal and Maximal Suffixes of a Substring RevisitedWatch
08:00Approximate String Matching Using a Bidirectional IndexWatch
08:00A Really Simple Approximation of Smallest GrammarWatch
08:00On Combinatorial Generation of Prefix Normal WordsWatch
08:00Sequence Comparison in the Time of DelugeWatch
08:00Repeats in StringsWatch
08:00What's Behind BLASTWatch
08:00Approximate On-line Palindrome Recognition, and ApplicationsWatch
08:00Searching of Gapped Repeats and Subrepetitions in a WordWatch
08:00Efficient Algorithms for Shortest Partial Seeds in WordsWatch
08:00Computing Palindromic Factorization and Palindromic Covers On-lineWatch
08:00Optimal Encodings for Range Majority QueriesWatch
08:00Compressed Subsequence Matching and Packed Tree ColoringWatch
08:00Compactness-Preserving Mapping on TreesWatch
08:00Indexed Geometric Jumbled Pattern MatchingWatch
08:00Computing k-th Lyndon Word and Decoding Lexicographically Minimal de Bruijn SequenceWatch